GUYS! I uploaded the dvd from ‘This Is War’ Music Story DVD Collection to Youtube. I didn’t know there’s no one who upload it. If i know it earlier, i must be upload it soon.

I haven’t upload all of the part. Now i’m working on it. Support me and MBLAQ, kay? Please do like, comment, and share the video. But PLEASE do not reupload! I ripped this dvd with hard work so please cherish my job.

And if you can, please support MBLAQ, JTune Camp, and December32 by buying the DVD. Buy it on or if you want it but don’t know how to buy, just ask me via twitter ‘@miaaa1015’ (for Indonesian only) i’ll help you to buy this DVD.

And sorry for my bad engrish~ many many happy kay ^0^











Will update if there’s another part ^^~