Oh yeah~ oh yeah~ oh yeah~

It’s arrived a long time ago (less than a month) and i still can feel the excitement lol~


MBLAQ puzzle is here!


after a long time…. finally it’s arrived T_T i was super curious with the puzzle~ and yeah! it’s cool! all i have to do now is do the puzzle. but… but…. i’m not sure i’ll be able to do this Lol i got Joon mini puzzle. i was hoping for Cheondung lol but that’s okay xD


BTOB Picture with their real autographs!!!<3


And,…. yeah… it’s their real sign. i got this from SOne quiz at Facebook. Last june i got the invitation to go to their showcase at Jakarta too. Aw i’m pretty lucky πŸ˜€


Beast 5th mini album Midnight Sun and BAP 1st mini album No Mercy


and YEAH! I got Dongwoon! OMG this is fate Lol

Midnight sun album is epic. With that decoration~ awwww i have no regret.